Burn Injuries in Scottsdale

Legal Representation After an Accident Involving Burns or Electrocution

There are many different types of burns and "degrees" of burns. Burn injuries can range from minor to fatal and can originate from countless sources, including:

  • Automobile fires
  • Chemical burns
  • House fires (kids playing with matches, falling asleep, fireplace and chimney embers)
  • Electrical burns
  • Explosions
  • Defective and dangerous products like toasters, deep fryers, curling irons

If you've ever burned your finger on a hot stove or match you have just a tiny and superficial idea of what it must be like for a serious burn victim. Your finger burn did not even raise a blister on your skin, so try and imagine how agonizing it must be to sustain deep burns over large areas of your body that they require skin grafts just to "heal" in some disfiguring way. And those are the "Third-Degree" burns. Burn levels increase all the way up to Sixth Degree burns, which usually require one or more amputations and are almost always fatal if suffered over substantial areas of the body.

Although almost any serious injury is certain to be painful and traumatic, victims of severe burns, as well as their family members and doctors, say that few injuries are as excruciatingly painful as those experienced by burn victims. Victims not only suffer the agony of the physical pain, they often suffer a lifetime of disfiguring scars and continuing pain. Even if they are physically able to return to their previous jobs, they usually can't do so for many months and sometimes years; and in the meantime, they are often left with no income and no ability to contribute to the ongoing costs of their medical care, surgeries and rehabilitation. They may be hounded by bill collectors and forced to suffer all sorts of embarrassments and indignities just to stay alive and help pay the living expenses of their families.

Get the Help You Deserve

Victims of serious burns and electrocutions in Arizona need help. When their injuries have been caused by another person's negligence (which they may not even be aware of without a proper forensic investigation by an attorney and expert witnesses), they need to consult with a trusted legal professional who is experienced in handling complex personal injury and wrongful death claims, including burn cases. At The Watkin Law Office, PC, we understand that this time in your life must be almost unbearably difficult, and that it might seem almost impossible just to make it through another day. While we will not insult you by saying "we understand what you are going through," we really do understand the process, including the range of available medical procedures, the levels and degrees of suffering described by the doctors and nurses who have treated other patients with similar injuries, and the legal steps that must be taken in order to preserve and prosecute your personal injury and possibly wrongful death claims to the fullest.

Burn victims and their families are entitled to recover from the individuals and companies at fault the full measure of their damages, including medical bills, lost wages and earnings (past and future), lost earning ability, monetary damages for their physical pain, their mental and emotional suffering, and all of the other economic consequences of the negligent and wrongful conduct that caused the injuries in the first place. If you or a loved one has been burned because of another person's negligence or wrongdoing, it is vitally important that you act to ensure that your rights are protected and you receive the compensation that you deserve. If a burn victim has been injured while on the job at your place of employment, workers' compensation will hopefully cover all or a portion of the costs for your medical care; and there might be financial provisions available to cover a percentage of lost wages; but there will never be enough money to compensate you for your pain and suffering. This is where The Watkin Law Office, PC might be able to assist you – by investigating whether there are any individuals and companies (other than your own employer) who might be responsible (at fault) for your injuries.

Do you have a viable claim? Are you ready to file a lawsuit?

Let The Watkin Law Office, PC investigate your case, determine who is ultimately liable for your injuries, and ensure that your rights are protected and your compensation claim aggressively pursued. Let our firm do all of the heavy lifting while you, your physicians and your family heal and try to return things to normal. Let us prosecute your claim for personal injury injuries and try to collect the money needed to ensure the best possible medical care, plus compensation for all of your economic, emotional and physical losses. If another person's negligence is to blame for your burns, you need to work with our firm and get the help you need.

We realize each individual and each new case is unique. Your injuries and the facts and consequences that surround it are NOT the same as they are or were for any other client we have ever represented. We will never treat you or your case like a generic, garden-variety, cookie-cutter client or claim. You and your claim deserve and will receive individualized and personal attention from an experienced Scottsdale personal injury and wrongful death lawyer.

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REMEMBER: If the other side's claims adjuster calls to "interview" you or "take your statement," politely decline -- at least until after you have spoken with an experienced burn and electrocution injury and wrongful death attorney. Despite what the insurance adjuster might tell you, he or she is NOT "just trying to help."