Causes of Vehicle Accidents

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The causes of car accidents can be numerous, but there is always one common theme. There is always someone at fault, whether that is another driver, auto part manufacturer, pedestrian or other individual. Car collisions are one of the nation's top causes of serious personal injuries and fatalities. If you have been in an accident and suffered property damage, personal injury, or even lost someone to wrongful death, contact an experienced car accident attorney from our firm. You may be entitled to financial compensation. Dedicated representation from The Watkin Law Office can help you win the settlement you deserve.

Common Causes of Vehicle Collision

Driver Behavior

Oftentimes, the other driver may be the one who is liable, or at fault, for your crash. This can be due to careless or reckless behavior, including falling asleep at the wheel, as driving tired can at times be just as dangerous as driving drunk. Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs is one of the most common reasons for injury on the road. Motorists may drive aggressively, recklessly swerving in and out of lanes, running through red lights, or violating right of way. Someone on the road can lose control of the car for something as simple as eating or texting while driving, causing him or her to break traffic laws and collide with another vehicle. A driver might also use the vehicle to commit a form of assault, an illegal act also known as road rage.

Defective Car Design or Manufacture

Whether or not the other driver is at fault, a car manufacturer may actually be to blame and responsible for paying damages. Faulty braking systems or poorly made tires can contribute to serious accidents. Broken airbag systems or seatbelts can contribute to your injuries, and a defectively designed car roof can cause significant harm in the case of a rollover accident. A flawed engine or even incompetent car repair could also be at fault for a collision. There are numerous reasons why you may be able to file an auto product liability claim against the designer, manufacturer, and/or car dealer. A knowledgeable car accident attorney from our firm can investigate your case to determine if a defective vehicle or auto part was the source of your injuries.

Dangerous Roads

Highways can sometimes be poorly designed, or involve blind turns and extremely sharp bends. Perhaps the road was not properly maintained, leaving missing traffic signs or a malfunctioning traffic light. While seemingly minor, missteps on the part of the city could easily result in terrifying accidents. Horrible weather can make the road hazardous and if the proper maintenance crews are not called to clean up the streets, there is a great potential for danger.

Experienced Scottsdale Car Accident Attorney

There may be additional reasons for your particular accident, but these are some of the main sources. No matter how innocent or malicious the cause, if another driver's negligence is behind your accident, then you may be owed sufficient compensation. A skilled lawyer can help prove which parties are at fault for your injuries or wrongful death. By working together, we can fight for you to win the compensation you fully deserve, helping you through this difficult time. You should not have to face the growing pile of medical bills and fees for car repairs on your own. A settlement or even an award in a lawsuit should cover your bills and lost wages. If you have lost someone in a Scottsdale auto accident due to another's negligence, then you may be owed coverage for emotional suffering, any medical bills, perhaps their lost wages, and even burial and funeral costs.

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