Car Accident Insurance FAQ

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In the event you have been involved in a car accident that was caused by another driver's negligence, one of your first tasks will be to deal with your insurance claim – usually with both the other driver's insurance company and your own. Knowing the correct way to go about filing a claim after a collision can be complicated and raise a variety of questions, and often problems.

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Common Insurance Questions After a Car Collision

After a serious auto accident, you will usually need to address two critical, and very different, categories of insurance.

  1. Health Insurance; and
  2. Auto Liability Insurance

Below we answer some of the more common questions that arise when addressing these two types of insurance in conjunction with car accident claims in Arizona.

Whose health insurance is used and what does it cover?

Whether you have privately-purchased health care insurance, are provided with health insurance through your job, or are covered by a governmentally-sponsored program such as AHCCCS or Medicare, premiums are paid each month to keep you covered and protected in the event of an injury accident. As a general rule, you must usually use your own health insurance to pay for your immediate medical care such as ambulance, emergency room, hospital, doctors, skilled nursing, rehab, physical therapy, and other necessary medical costs. Future medical care is a different story. Hopefully, once you bring a claim against the at-fault driver for your injuries, you will be able to recover enough money to cover the costs of your future medical care. But until the adverse driver and his auto insurance carrier acknowledge fault (or are found at fault by a jury) they do NOT have any duty to pay for your medical care. So you are often "on you own" when it comes to finding doctors and therapists willing to treat you, then you have to wait to get paid.

Again, the claim process is often (usually) complex, which is why we encourage you to retain a reliable Scottsdale personal injury attorney who can provide invaluable assistance and hopefully recover the maximum compensation to which you are lawfully entitled for your injuries, medical expenses and other consequential damages.

Whose auto liability insurance is used and what does that cover?

Your auto accident lawyer is there to bring a claim (either an informal claim against the other driver's liability insurance company, or a formal lawsuit in court) that seeks monetary compensation (money) for you to cover the following types of "damages":

  • Physical Pain
  • Mental Suffering
  • Lost Earnings (Both Past And Future)
  • Past And Future Medical Expenses
  • All Other Consequential Damages

As a general rule of thumb: The more serious your physical injuries, the higher your medical expenses will be AND the more necessary it is to hire a qualified Scottsdale car accident attorney with the expertise you need to navigate the complicated legal and factual issues that will arise in a serious injury case. Another rule of thumb is: the more serious your injuries, and the higher your medical bills, the harder the adverse driver's insurance carrier will fight to avoid paying you a fair value for your claim.

What if the at-fault driver has no auto liability insurance – or not enough to cover the total value of your claim?

  1. If the negligent driver has no auto liability insurance, you are left with two basic options:
  2. File a lawsuit against the other driver, personally, and attempt to obtain a judgment that will permit you to try and collect from the driver's personal (non-insurance) assets, if any; and/or.
  3. Bring your damages claim against your own auto liability policy; but ONLY if you have purchased uninsured motorist (UM) coverage.
  4. If the negligent driver has some – but not enough – auto liability insurance, you basically have the same two options:
  5. Sue the driver and hope to obtain a judgment against him for an amount greater than his liability insurance coverage, so you can collect both his insurance and his personal assets; and/or
  6. Bring your damages claim against your own auto liability policy of under-insured motorist (UIM) coverage, assuming you have purchased such coverage.

Is it the responsibility of the at-fault driver's auto insurance to pay all of your medical bills?

No. As mentioned above, and contrary to popular belief, unless and until the adverse driver (or his insurance company) admits liability for causing your injuries via an out of court settlement, his auto liability insurer has absolutely no legal duty to pay for your medical care. Likewise, in the absence of an out of court settlement with the insurance company, you will need to file a lawsuit, which might take many months (often more than 18 months) to resolve. Even if you eventually obtain a jury verdict in your favor, and a favorable judgment from the court, the other side might appeal the decision – of even file for bankruptcy protection, which might result in your entire claim being precluded.

So what does this mean for you, the victim? Unfortunately you only have one of three options in order to receive the immediate care you need, without waiting for liability to be determined:

  1. Make sure your own health insurance pays for your medical care (remember, you can also use the "medical payments" coverage you hopefully purchased under your auto insurance policy);
  2. Pay your medical bills out of pocket; and/or
  3. Locate medical providers who are willing to treat you in exchange for "liens" which will permit them to collect payment for their bills from the money eventually recovered from the at-fault driver

Having a reliable, experienced Scottsdale injury lawyer on your side from the onset of your car accident case will always enable you to obtain a fuller, faster and more favorable outcome for your serious injury claim. Get the professional legal help you deserve, and obtain the monetary damages you deserve, too.

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