Case Results

Bicycle Accident- $1,000,000.00

Mr. Watkin recently represented an elderly gentleman who was very seriously injured in a cycling accident. Mr. Watkin’s client was in the process of crossing an intersection in a marked crosswalk in North Scottsdale, AZ. The cyclist had a green light and even the illuminated “Walk” signal (a white silhouette of a pedestrian) in his favor as he entered the intersection; however, a motorist on his left, who was planning on making a right turn at the same intersection, apparently failed to look to her right. The motorist never even saw Mr. Watkin’s client and accelerated forward, striking the cyclist violently and sending him crashing to the pavement with broken bones and internal bleeding. The cyclist survived; but required several months of hospitalization, repeated surgeries, and physical therapy. Ultimately, after his client had incurred several hundred thousand dollars in medical bills and his condition had stabilized, Mr. Watkin was successful in recovering in excess of $1 million from the motorist’s auto liability insurance carrier. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Slip and fall- $650,000.00

Clark Watkin recently won a substantial jury verdict for his client, a real estate agent who suffered traumatic injuries from a fall at house she was trying to sell for its owners. Never disclosed to Mr. Watkin’s client was a 22-inch wide x 6-foot deep “cistern” cut through the floor of the home’s breakfast room and concealed by a trap door that matched the surrounding wood flooring. On the client’s previous visits to the home, the trap door had always been covered and was unnoticeable. However, on the day Mr. Watkin’s client was injured, one of the owners’ workers had opened the trap door, cleaned out the deep concrete cistern, but failed to replace the cover. Mr. Watkin’s client fell backward into the hole and was severely injured, resulting in permanent damage to her leg. Mr. Watkin argued that, as a business invitee, his client was owed the highest level of care by the property owner, and that the owner was liable for the negligence of her worker and for the creation of an unreasonably dangerous condition. In addition to the extremely painful and permanent injury she suffered, Mr. Watkin’s client incurred roughly $75,000 in medical expenses and $25,000 in lost earnings as a result of the accident. After settlement and mediation efforts proved fruitless, Mr. Watkin and his client took the case to trial. The jury deliberated for less than two hours and returned a verdict in favor of Mr. Watkin’s client for $650,000, with only minor adjustment for apportionment of responsibility.

Motor Vehicle Accident- $300,000.00

The client was injured in a serious motor vehicle collision in which they injured their back. The client's medical bills totaled nearly $80,000 and included many months of physical therapy. Mr. Watkin successfully settled the client's claim with the liability insurance carrier of the at-fault driver for $300,000.

Bicycle Accident

The client is a business executive in Phoenix; they is also a professional cyclist. During a training ride, while descending a windy road on South Mountain – a popular training spot in Phoenix – a drunk driver lost control of their motor vehicle and “spun out” into/across the oncoming lane of traffic. Their motor vehicle struck another person and his bicycle, sending them crashing to the pavement. Miraculously, the other person was not killed. Mr. Watkin was able to settle that case for a sizeable sum with the driver’s liability insurance carrier.

Slip and Fall

The client sustained a serious knee injury in a slip and fall at a local supermarket. The store had permitted a puddle of water to accumulated in one of the store aisles, and the client never saw it until she was lying on the floor soaking wet. The client incurred roughly $50,000 in medical expenses. Mr. Watkin was able to obtain a substantial monetary settlement from the store’s liability insurance carrier.

Slip and Fall

The client was injured when they tripped and fell over a sign that had been knocked over (and never stood back up) inside a CVS store in Scottsdale, AZ. Client suffered a deep laceration to their leg in the fall and incurred substantial medical expenses. Mr. Watkin was able to recover a substantial settlement from the store’s liability carrier.

Bicycle Accident

The client was struck and seriously injured by a car while bicycling within a marked crosswalk at a traffic-light-controlled intersection in Scottsdale. The client had no health insurance, but Mr. Watkin was able to locate two orthopedic surgeons willing to treat him in exchange for medical “liens.” Mr. Watkin pursued his claim against the motorist who hit him and successfully recovered a substantial monetary settlement that paid all of his medical bills, lost wages and a great deal more for his pain and suffering.

Wrongful Death

Mr. Watkin recently obtained a large Wrongful Death recovery for the parents of a young man who was fatally injured in a collision between his motorcycle and a car driven by a drunk driver. Mr. Watkin’s decedent was lawfully operating his motorcycle at the speed limit and driving straight ahead when the drunk driver turned left across the lanes in front of the cyclist. The motorcyclist was killed almost instantly. Mr. Watkin filed a lawsuit against the drunk driver, and after several months of litigation, depositions and other pretrial discovery, the claim was ultimately settled in mediation for a substantial (but undisclosed) amount. Mr. Watkin’s clients – the parents – were extremely satisfied with the outcome of the civil case, and continued to participate in the criminal prosecution of the drunk driver.

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